Returns the status of the dial-up connection.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
DialStatus Dial-up Synchronous Supported (see note) Supported Supported Not supported
Note: This function is not supported on Windows 7.


  DialStatus( numType, strPhonebookEntryOrModem, "optStatus", optRefresh )  
A numeric flag that specifies the content of the strPhonebookEntryorModem parameter.
  • 0: Phonebook Name
  • 1: Modem Name
  • 2: Direct Connection Name
The Phonebook Name, Modem Name, or Direct Connection Name used to make the connection. The numType parameter specifies which of these methods is used.
Optional The name of the string tag receiving the status message.
Note: The tag name should be enclosed in quotes, as shown in the syntax diagram, or else the function will try to use the value of the tag.
Optional tag that causes the function to update its return value. This parameter is optional, but you must use it when configuring this function for an object animation (e.g., Text Data Link, Position).

Returned value

Value Description
-5 PhoneBook or modem does not exist
-4 Invalid value for the numType parameter (0 or 1)
-3 Error: invalid number of parameters (minimum = 2)
-2 Error: INDRAS.DLL damaged
-1 Error: INDRAS.DLL not found
0 Opening the port…
1 Port was opened successfully.
2 Connecting to the device…
3 The device has connected successfully.
4 All devices in the device chain have successfully connected.
5 Verifying the user name and password…
6 An authentication event has occurred.
7 Requested another validation attempt with a new user.
8 Server has requested a callback number.
9 The client has requested to change the password
10 Registering your computer on the network…
11 The link-speed calculation phase is starting…
12 An authentication request is being acknowledged.
13 Reauthentication (after callback) is starting.
14 The client has successfully completed authentication.
15 The line is about to disconnect for callback.
16 Delaying to give the modem time to reset for callback.
17 Waiting for an incoming call from server.
18 Projection result information is available.
19 User authentication is being initiated or retried.
20 Client has been called back and is about to resume authentication.
21 Logging on to the network…
22 Subentry has been connected.
23 Subentry has been disconnected
24 Terminal state supported by RASPHONE.EXE.
25 Retry authentication state supported by RASPHONE.EXE.
26 Callback state supported by RASPHONE.EXE.
27 Change password state supported by RASPHONE.EXE.
8192 Connected to remote server successfully!
8193 Disconnected.


Tag Name Expression
Tag DialStatus( 0, “Office DialUp” )
Tag DialStatus( 1, “USRobotics_SportsterFaxModem”, “StatusMessage”, second )
Tag DialStatus( 2, “DirectDial”, “DialupError”)

See also: FindModem()