Hangs-up a dial-up connection.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
HangUp Dial-up Synchronous Supported (see note) Supported Supported Not supported
Note: This function is not supported on Windows 7.


  HangUp( numType, strPhonebookEntryOrModem )  
A numeric flag that specifies the content of the strPhonebookEntryorModem parameter.
  • 0: Phonebook Name
  • 1: Modem Name
  • 2: Direct Connection Name
The Phonebook Name, Modem Name, or Direct Connection Name used to make the connection. The numType parameter specifies which of these methods is used.

Returned value

0 OK.
-1 Error: INDRAS.DLL not found
-2 Error: INDRAS.DLL damaged
-3 Invalid value for the numType parameter (0 or 1)
-4 PhoneBook or modem does not exist
-5 No configured modems exist


Tag Name Expression
Tag HangUp( 0, “OfficeDialup” )
Tag HangUp( 1, “USRobotics_SportsterFaxModem” )
Tag HangUp( 2, “DirectDial”, “Rberton”, “MyPassword” )

See also: FindModem()