Creates the specified directory.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
DirCreate File Synchronous Supported Supported Executed on Server Not supported


  DirCreate( strDirectory, optBooFullPath )  
The name and file path of the directory to create.
Optional flag. If omitted or if this parameter has the value 0, the directory is created only if all previous directories exist. If this parameter has the value different from 0, the full path specified in the strDirectory parameter is created.

Returned value

-1 Invalid parameters
0 Failed to create the directory (e.g., Drive does not exist.)
1 Directory created successfully.


Tag Name Expression
Tag DirCreate(“C:StudioTemp”) // The Temp folder is created in the C:Studio path (only if the C:Studio path already exists).
Tag DirCreate(“C:StudioTemp”,1) // The C:StudioTemp full path is created.