Returns the status of the HST2TXT function.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
HST2TXTIsRunning File Synchronous Supported Not supported Executed on Server Not supported


Web Studio Help ction file hst2txtisrunning.xml d126859e82 HST2TXTIsRunning

This function takes no parameters.

Returned value

Value Description
0 HST2TXT is still running.
-1 Last conversion process was executed properly.
-2 Reserved.
-3 File not found. There are no history files in the configured time interval for the group specified.
-4 Cannot open history file.
-5 Cannot create/open ASCII file.
-6 Cannot read file information from history file.
-7 Invalid file type.
-8 Cannot read header information from history file.
-9 Invalid number of tag in the header information (0 > nTags > 250).
-10 Cannot create Header file (.hdr).
-20 InStudiot.dll was not found.
-30 Cannot access DLL function.