Launches a File Browser window allowing you to select a file.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
RDFileN File Synchronous Supported Supported Supported Not supported


  RDFileN( "tagSelectedFile", strSearchPath, strMask, optNumChangeDir )  
Name of the string tag receiving the name and path of a selected file.  The tag name must be enclosed in quotes, or the project will try to get the contents of the tag. Moreover, it must be a valid tag name — it cannot be a VBScript variable name, for example.
The file path (directory) to search.
The mask used to filter the files.
Optional numeric tag that indicates whether the operator will be able to change the browsing directory. If this parameter is omitted or set TRUE1 ), then the window opened by this function will allow the operator to navigate to different directories. If it is set FALSE0 ), then the window will be restricted to the directory specified by strSearchPath.

Returned value

0 Success
1 One of the parameters is not a string
2 Parameter 1 contains an invalid tag name
3 The user canceled the operation


Tag Name Expression
Tag RDFileN( “FileName”, “C:Studio”, “*.doc”, 1 )