This function returns the current status of a file transfer started with FTPGet or FTPPut.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
FTPStatus FTP Synchronous Supported Supported Supported Not supported


Web Studio Help es2fr function ftp ftpstatus.xml d133846e82 FTPStatus
Name of the string tag that will receive the current status description when the function returns.
Note: The tag name should be enclosed in quotes, as shown in the syntax diagram, or else the function will try to use the value of the tag.

Returned value

1 Transaction executed successfully
2 Resolving name
3 Name resolved
4 Connecting to server
5 Connected to server
6 Closing connection
7 Connection closed
8 Sending request
9 Request sent
10 Receiving response
11 Intermediate response received
12 Response received
13 Request completed
0 No transaction is being executed
−2 Invalid opttagErrorDescription
-6 Error opening connection (see status string for details)
-7 Error establishing connection (see status string for details)
-8 Error receiving the file (see status string for details)
-9 Transfer pending


Tag Name Expression
Tag FTPStatus( “StatusDescription” ) // Retrieves the status of a current transfer. The return code is stored in the StatusCode tag and the description in the StatusDescription tag.