Executes the specified Recipe worksheet.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
Recipe Module Activity Synchronous Supported Supported Supported Supported


  Recipe( strFunction )  
String tag specifing the operation to be performed and the Recipe worksheet to be used in the [Operation]:[Recipe sheet] format.
Save Saves data to a data file.
Load Loads data from a data file.
Delete Deletes a data file.
Init Initializes a data file with a value of 0 in all the tags.

Returned value

0 No error
1 If the tag is numeric
2 Expression does not contain “:”
3 Previous command to the invalid “:”
4 Task not found by the system
5 Disk error


Tag Name Expression
Tag Recipe( “Save:Recipe1″ )
Tag Recipe( “Load:Recipe5″ )
  • You must be running the Background Task to execute the recipe functions.
  • When this function is called on a Thin Client, the command is sent to the Server (via TCP/IP) and the Recipe task on the Server executes the command. Therefore, be aware that tags configured with a Scope of Local rather Server will still be updated on the Server.