This function runs a global procedure when the value of a specified project tag or expression becomes FALSE.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
RunGlobalProcedureOnFalse Module Activity Synchronous Supported Supported Supported Not supported


Web Studio Help y runglobalprocedureonfalse.xml d160323e106 RunGlobalProcedureOnFalse
A project tag or expression that can be evaluated as either FALSE (zero) or TRUE (non-zero).
Note: The condition should be enclosed in quotes, as shown in the syntax diagram, or else the function will try to use the value of the condition instead.
The name of the procedure (i.e., a VBScript function or sub-routine defined in the Procedures folder of your project) to run when the value of the specified tag/expression becomes FALSE.

Returned value

This function returns the following possible values:
Value Description
0 Error
1 Success


Once this function is called, it is continuously executed by the project runtime client (i.e., the Viewer) until either it or the project runtime server is stopped. That means every time the value of the condition becomes FALSE, the procedure is run. However, the procedure is run only once when the value of the condition becomes FALSE; it is not repeatedly run while the value of the condition is FALSE. For the procedure to run again, the value of the condition must become TRUE and then FALSE again.

Also, the function can be called more than once, so that the same procedure can be run by different triggers. The project runtime client manages the execution of all instances of the function.

The procedure is run on the client where this function was called. To run a procedure on the project server, use the function RunGlobalProcedureOnServer.

The value of strCondition is passed to the procedure as an argument, so the procedure should be written to receive it. For example:
  Sub UsingOnFalse(strCondition)    .    .    .   End Sub  

Please note that you do not actually have to use the argument in your procedure, only that you should write the procedure to receive it.

No other arguments can be passed to the procedure.

To ensure compatibility with previous versions of InduSoft Web Studio, passing the argument is disabled by default in existing projects and enabled by default in new projects. To change this for your project, open your project file (projectname.APP) in a text editor and then edit the following property:
  [Options]  EnableTagNameOnRunGlobalProcedureOnTag=<0 (disabled) / 1 (enabled)>  


When the value of TagOnFalse becomes FALSE, run the procedure UsingOnFalse: