Returns whether you have gone above the first record of the record set. (Call this function before scrolling from record to record.)

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
ODBCIsBOF ODBC Synchronous Supported Not supported Executed on Server Not supported


Web Studio Help s2fr function odbc odbcisbof.xml d177791e76 ODBCIsBOF
The handler returned by the ODBCOpen function.

Returned value

0 Record found
non-zero Record set contains no records or you move backward, above the first record

You also can use this function along with the ODBCIsEOF function to determine whether the record set contains any records or is empty. Immediately after calling the ODBCQuery function, and if the record set contains no records, ODBCIsBOF returns non-zero. When you open a record set with at least one record, the first record is the current record and ODBCIsBOF returns a zero (0). If the first record is the current record, and you call ODBCMovePrev, ODBCIsBOF will subsequently return a non-zero.


Tag Name Expression
Tag ODBCIsBOF( 1 )