This function gets the status of the security system and its connection to the authentication server, when the security mode is either Distributed–Client or Domain (LDAP).

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
GetSecuritySystemStatus Security Synchronous Supported Supported Supported Not supported


Web Studio Help ity getsecuritysystemstatus.xml d190065e105 GetSecuritySystemStatus
  GetSecuritySystemStatus()  GetSecuritySystemStatus( optNumType )  
The type of action to take to update the status.
Value Description
0 Perform a fast check using either Ping or Bind (depending on the server settings), but take no other actions.
1 Force reload of users and groups from the authentication server.
2 Clear cached users and groups.

This is an optional parameter; if no value is specified, then the default is 0.

Returned value

This function returns the following possible values:
Value Security Mode is Distributed–Client Security Mode is Domain (LDAP)
0 No cache Connection timeout
1 Updated cache Bind timeout
2 Outdated local cache Query timeout
3 Outdated server cache Disconnected
4 Disconnected from server Connected
5 N/A No users or groups returned by query
6 N/A Invalid user or group


This function returns the same value that is sent to the project tag configured in the Status Tag box, in the security system server settings. However, this function returns the value immediately, while the project tag configured in the Status Tag box is only updated periodically (according to Synchonization Period for Distributed–Client or Retry Interval for Domain (LDAP)). As such, there may be times when this function’s returned value and the value of the project tag do not match.

Also, there are other actions besides calling this function that update the status:
  • When a user logs on to the project. Specifically, if the user logs on via the built-in LogOn dialog (invoked by either calling the LogOn function or selecting the LogOn menu command in the Viewer), then the status is updated before the dialog is displayed.
  • When the authentication server is offline and the retry interval (configured in the security system server settings) has elapsed.
  • When the security system settings are opened in the development application.

Whenever the status is updated, the new value is immediately sent to the project tag configured in the Status Tag box.


Get the status of the security system:
Force the security system to reload all users and groups from the authentication server:
  GetSecuritySystemStatus( 1 )