This function gets the full name (if any) of a specified user in the project security system.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
GetUserFullName Security Synchronous Supported Supported Supported Not supported


Web Studio Help on security getuserfullname.xml d191015e67 GetUserFullName
The name of a user in the project security system.
The name of a tag (String type) that will receive the full name of the specified user. If the specified user does not have a full name defined, then the tag will receive an empty string (“”).
Note: The tag name should be enclosed in quotes, as shown in the syntax diagram, or else the function will try to use the value of the tag.

Returned value

This function returns the following possible values:
Value Description
0 Specified user does not exist.
1 Success; specified user exists.


Get the full name of the currently logged user (via the system tag UserName):
  GetUserFullName( UserName, "UserFullName" )  
Get the full name of the user “engineer1″:
  GetUserFullName( "engineer1", "UserFullName" )