This function returns the number of minutes remaining until the license grace period expires.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
GetLicenseGracePeriod System Info Synchronous Supported Not supported Supported (see “Notes” below) Supported (see “Notes” below)


  GetLicenseGracePeriod( )  
Web Studio Help minfo getlicensegraceperiod.xml d423633e108 GetLicenseGracePeriod

This function has no parameters.

Returned value

If this function is executed succesfully, then it returns the number of minutes remaining in the license grace period. Otherwise, it returns one of the following possible values:
Value Description
-1 The software is licensed.
0 The license grace period has expired.

In most cases, this value will never actually be returned because if the grace period has expired, then the project has stopped.


The license grace period is relevent only if the software (i.e., the development application and/or the project runtime) is configured to get its license from a license server and it has somehow lost its connection to that server. For more information, see About License Server.

By default, the license grace period is 60 minutes. If you need to change the period, then please contact your InduSoft Web Studio software vendor.

Also, this function may be called by a Screen Script or Command animation on a specific thin client, but the returned value applies to the entire project runtime. Thin clients do not have their own licenses. Instead, the project runtime is licensed to support a number of thin clients, and the thin client on which the function is executed is included in that number.


The following VBScript example shows how to check the grace period and then display an appropriate message to the user:
    Dim remainingGracePeriod  remainingGracePeriod = $GetLicenseGracePeriod()  If (remainingGracePeriod = -1) Then      MsgBox "License OK"  Else             MsgBox "Running on Grace Period! [" + remainingGracePeriod + "] minute(s) remaining"  End If