Use this function to enable/disable the saving feature for alarm history and to set the path where the alarm history files must be handled.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
SaveAlarmFile System Info Synchronous Supported Supported Not supported Not supported


  SaveAlarmFile( numType, optRemotePath )  
Tag containing the number and operation, as follows:
0 Disable save the alarm file to the local disk
1 Enable save the alarm file to local disk
2 Enable save the alarm file to local disk and to the remote path specified in the OptRemotePath parameter
Tag containing the name of the remote computer where the alarm file will be saved simultaneously to the local computer and to the remote path when numType equals 2.

Returned value

0 Success
1 2nd parameter is not a string
2 2nd parameter is missing


Tag Name Expression
Tag SaveAlarmFile( 0 )
Tag SaveAlarmFile( 1 )
Rag SaveAlarmFile( 2, “Z:AppsAppDemo” )