This function returns the name of the next member in the specified class, after the function TagsDBGetFirstClassMember has been executed to get the first member. It acts like an array pointer, with the array being the members of the class, and it may be used to generate a list of classes members or to process the class members one at a time, depending on how you write your script.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
TagsDBGetNextClassMember Tags Database Synchronous Supported (see “Notes” below) Not supported Not supported Not supported


  TagsDBGetNextClassMember( strClassName )  
Web Studio Help db tagsdbgetnextclassmember.xml d437657e116 TagsDBGetNextClassMember
The name of the class in which to get the next member.

Returned value

If this function is executed succesfully, then it returns the name of the next class member. Otherwise, it returns one of the following possible values:
Value Description
-5 No members found; at end of class.
-4 The specified class does not exist in the tags database.
-3 Wrong parameter type or inconsistent value.
-2 Invalid number of parameters.


This function can only be executed on the project server — it cannot be called by a Graphics Script, Screen Script, or Command animation running on a project client.

Also, this function may be called at any time; the function TagsDBBeginEdit does not need to have been executed previously. If that is the case, however, then TagsDBGetFirstClassMember and TagsDBGetNextClassMember can only generate a list of classes. They cannot be used, along with with the other Tags Database functions, to edit the classes.

For more information about the Tags Database functions and examples of how to use them, see Edit the tags database during run time.