This function determines the trend group to which a project tag is assigned.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
TagsDBGetTrend Tags Database Synchronous Supported (see “Notes” below) Not supported Not supported Not supported


  TagsDBGetTrend( strTagName, numProperty )  
Web Studio Help tions tagsdb tagsdbgettrend.xml d440830e116 TagsDBGetTrend
The name of the project tag that is assigned to a trend group.
The specific property to be gotten, identified by one of the following values:
Value Property Data Type
0 Trend group (or worksheet) number Integer
1 Log dead band Real

Returned value

If this function is executed succesfully, then it returns the value of the specified property. Otherwise, it returns one of the following possible values:
Value Description
-4 Project tag (as specified by strTagName) does not exist.
-3 Wrong parameter type or inconsistent value.
-2 Invalid number of parameters.


This function can only be executed on the project server — it cannot be called by a Graphics Script, Screen Script, or Command animation running on a project client.

For more information about the Tags Database functions and examples of how to use them, see Edit the tags database during run time.