The function TranslationLookupGet gets the translation of a specified source text, using a lookup map that was previously loaded into memory by the function TranslationLookupLoad.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
TranslationLookupGet Translation Synchronous Supported Supported Not supported Not supported


Web Studio Help lation translationlookupget.xml d450544e110 TranslationLookupGet
The ID number of the lookup map that you want to use, as it was returned by the function TranslationLookupLoad. Valid values range from 0 to 255.
The source text for which you want to get the translation.

Returned value

If this function is successfully executed, it returns the translation of the specified source text. Otherwise, it returns one of the following possible values:
Value Description
strSource Source text returned untranslated, because it was not found in the lookup map.
-1 Function executed from the Viewer module, or other internal error.
-2 Invalid parameter(s).
-3 Other error.


Get the translation of “Tank #1″, using the lookup map specified by the ID number stored in the tag MyLookupID:
  TranslationLookupGet(MyLookupID,"Tank #1")  
Load a lookup map for translating from English (United States) to Portuguese (Brazil), and then use it to get the translation of “Tank #1″:
  TranslationLookupGet(TranslationLookupLoad(1033,1046),"Tank #1")