The function TranslationLookupLoad creates a lookup map from the Translation Table for the specified source and target languages, and then it loads the map into memory so that it can be used by the function TranslationLookupGet.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client Mobile Access
TranslationLookupLoad Translation Synchronous Supported Supported Not supported Not supported


Web Studio Help ation translationlookupload.xml d451178e110 TranslationLookupLoad
The locale IDs for the source and target langauges, respectively. Both languages must already be configured in the Translation Table.

Returned value

If this function is successfully executed, it returns an ID number (from 0 to 255) for the lookup map. You can then use the ID number to call the functions TranslationLookupGet and TranslationLookupClose.

Otherwise, this function returns one of the following possible values:
Value Description
-1 Function executed from the Viewer module, or other internal error.
-2 Invalid parameter(s).
-3 Cannot have more than 256 lookup maps loaded in memory at the same time.
-4 The source language is the same as the target language, or the specified languages have not been configured in the Translation Table.


When you call this function, you can specify any two languages that have been configured in the Translation Table, even if they were both originally configured as target languages. When the lookup map is created, it automatically cross-references the specified languages. For example, if you configured the Translation Table for your project to include both an English-to-Spanish translation and an English-to-Portuguese translation, you can then specify Spanish and Portuguese when you call this function.

You can have up to 256 lookup maps loaded in memory at the same time, but each map uses system resources and that can affect run-time performance. You should use the function TranslationLookupClose to close a map when you are done with it.

Locale IDs are proprietary language/region codes used in Microsoft Windows. For more information, go to:


Load a lookup map for translating from English (United States) to Portuguese (Brazil):