Overview of VBScript

VBScript is a simple, standard and flexible scripting language that allows you to implement logics and algorithms within your project.

IWS implements Visual Basic Scripting Edition 5.5 or higher. Because IWS hosts VBScript, you can take advantage of every feature provided by this language, such as:
  • Syntax, operators and functions.
  • The ability to create new variables and procedures (functions and/or sub-routines).
  • Access to properties, methods and/or events from COM objects, including ActiveX controls.
  • The ability to execute the logics in any platform that supports VBScript, including Microsoft Windows-based PCs (running as the IWS project runtime server), Microsoft Windows Embedded devices (via EmbeddedView or CEView), and Internet Explorer (via the Thin Client).
Note: If you are not sure if the image loaded on your device supports VBScript, please consult the hardware manufacturer. The hardware manufacturer must enable the support for VBScript on the Windows Embedded device, so project runtime server will be able to execute the scripts configured in the VBScript language on the device.

The aim of this documentation is to provide an overview about the integration of VBScript with InduSoft Web Studio. Furthermore, it can be used as a quick reference for the most used features of the language. For a full description of the language as well as its interfaces and functions, please consult Microsoft. (At the time of this writing, the VBScript documentation could be accessed directly at the Microsoft Developer Network. This link, however, is beyond our control and may change without notice.)

Appendix: VBScript