About collaboration and source control

InduSoft Web Studio has built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, which allows workgroup collaboration and source control from within the development environment.

Note: You must specifically select the Collaboration feature when you install the InduSoft Web Studio software, and to use the feature, your software license must have the Collaboration add-on. For more information, see Install the full InduSoft Web Studio software.

Collaboration helps to integrate IWS project development into a broader strategy of application lifecycle management (ALM). Development is more than just writing code — you also need to determine business requirements, create work items that describe those requirements, assign the work items to individual developers, track the completion of the work items, test the submitted code, and collect bugs and user requests for additional development. This can all be done with Team Foundation Server.

Figure 1. Development workstations connected to Team Foundation Server
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For more information about ALM and how to implement it with Team Foundation Server, go to:
When the Collaboration feature is properly installed and licensed, it effectively makes the InduSoft Web Studio development application a Team Foundation Server client with many of the same commands. As such, before you use the Collaboration feature, you should be familiar with basic source control concepts in Team Foundation Server, such as:
  • Connecting to servers, creating workspaces, and mapping folders;
  • Adding files to source control;
  • Checking files out of source control for editing;
  • Viewing pending changes and then checking them into source control;
  • Applying labels and getting specific versions; and
  • Branching and merging.

Once you have enabled the Collaboration feature in InduSoft Web Studio, you can add your IWS projects directly to source control in Team Foundation Server.

Collaboration and Source Control