About this software

InduSoft Web Studio is powerful software for developing HMI, SCADA, and OEE/Dashboard projects that can be deployed anywhere.

Each IWS project consists of:
  • A project tags database to manage all run-time data, including both internal variables and I/O data;
  • Configurable drivers to communicate in real-time with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote I/O devices, and other data-acquisition equipment;
  • Animated HMI screens and OEE dashboards; and
  • Optional modules such as alarms, events, trends, recipes, reports, scriptable logic, schedulers, a project security system, and a complete database interface.

After you develop your project, you can either run it locally on your development workstation or download it to a remote computer and run it there. The project runtime server processes I/O data from connected devices according to your project parameters and then reacts to, displays, and/or saves the data.

Product features

ActiveX and .NET
Use third-party controls to enhance your project. IWS is a container for ActiveX and .NET controls. Add functionality such as browsers, media players, charting, and other tools that support the ActiveX and .NET interface standards.
In addition to all the alarm functions you’d expect, IWS v7.1+SP3 also sends alarms using multi-media formats like PDF. Use remote notification to have alarms sent right to your inbox, a printer, or a smartphone! Alarms are real-time and historical, log data in binary format or to any database.
IWS gives you great command over graphics. Paste images, and even rotate them dynamically. Fill bar graphs with color, or adjust the scale of objects with easy-to-use configuration. Other animations include “command” (for touch, keyboard and mouse interaction), hyperlink, text data link, color, resize (independent height and width), position, and rotation (with custom rotation point).
Connect to any SQL database (MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle), or MS Access or Excel, and ERP/MES systems (including SAP), even from Windows Embedded. Flexible enough to have a built in interface without the need for knowing SQL (for trends, alarms/events, grid and other objects), or use any SQL statement you need anywhere you need it.
IWS v7.1+SP3 contains over 240 built-in drivers for most PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers, and bar code/2D/RFID readers. InduSoft driver toolkits allow you the flexibility to build your own drivers. Use these built in drivers without the need for OPC servers (but are an optional connection method).
Send email using SMTP to desktop, email enabled phone, or any enabled device. Get real-time information on alarms, process values, and other events. InduSoft Web Studio v7.1+SP3 supports SSL encryption allowing the use of third-party providers such as Gmail.
IWS v7.1+SP3 offers traceability for operator initiated actions or internal system activity. Log events such as security system changes (user logon or off), screen open/close, recipe/report operations, custom messages and system warnings. Also any tag value changes including custom messages.
FDA Traceability
Take advantage of built-in functionality to create 21 CFR part 11 compliant projects with traceability and e-signatures. These features are often used for pharmaceutical and food applications, but also for any application where traceability is a must.
Automatically upload or download files during runtime to/from remote storage locations using FTP protocol and flexible scripting functions. Configure FTP via scripting or the included configuration interface.
Graphics and Design Tools
Create powerful screens to meet any application need using the improved tools in our graphic interface. Combine built-in objects to create any functionality required. Store graphics in the library for future use, or easily make project across a product line share a consistent “look and feel”.
Historical Performance
We have optimized the trend history module, and designed it to load millions of values from SQL Relational Databases with high performance, with built-in data decimation in the Trend Control. Easy to use tools provide quick access to Statistical Process Control (SPC) values without any need for programming.
Intellectual Property Protection
Screens, documents, scripts and even math worksheets can be individually password protected. This prevents unauthorized viewing or editing of your corporate custom functionality. Protect the entire project with just a few mouse clicks.
Develop your project in one of many development languages, including English, Portuguese, German, and French.
Drivers for all major brands of PLCs are built in, but any OPC server may optionally be used. IWS supports OPC DA (Server/Client), OPC HDA(Server), UA (Client) and OPC .NET 3.0 (Client). InduSoft Web Studio v7.1+SP3 also supports OPC XML as an additional add-on.
PDF Export
Send Alarms, Reports, or any file (including .doc or .txt) to a production supervisor, quality manager, or maintenance staff using the included PDF writer.
Save time and maintain consistency by automating part parameters or productions quantities with any triggering event.
For critical applications where data is vital, IWS v7.1+SP3 supports web server, database and overall system redundancy.
Create clear, concise reports in text format, graphical RTF, XML, PDF, HTML, and CSV or integrate with Microsoft Office. Get the data you need, in the format you need it, to make informed decisions, fast.
Develop once and deploy anywhere, on any currently supported version of Microsoft Windows.
Schedule custom tag changes on date/time, frequency, or any trigger. Use this for simulation, to trigger reports or other functionality at a particular time of day, or even to trigger driver worksheets to read/write at a scan rate you choose.
Two powerful scripting languages are supported. Use built-in functions or use standard VBScript to take advantage of widely available resources. Both can be used simultaneously to give you the functionality you need.
IWS includes support for group and user accounts, e-signatures, and traceability, as well as support for the ADAM Server, in addition to standard LDAP Servers. Integrate your project to the Active Directory (Users and Groups).
SSL Support for Emails
Native support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL), makes it easy and secure to send emails from InduSoft Web Studio using third-party tools such as Gmail!
Take advantage of common industry standards to develop projects that are compatible with any format. TCP/IP, .Net, ActiveX, OPC (client and server), ADO/ODBC, COM/DCOM, OLE, DDE, XML, SOAP, and HTML are supported.
Easily configure managed networked devices on IP networks (such as switches and routers) using incorporated SNMP configuration commands and an easy-to-use configuration interface.
Included library features push buttons, pilot lights, tanks, sliders, meters, motors, pipes, valves and other common objects. Use the included symbols in your project, modify existing symbols to suit your needs, or create your own from scratch. Plus support for third-party symbol libraries and graphic tools.
Tag Database
IWS features an object oriented database with boolean, integer, real, strings, arrays, classes (structures), indirect tags and included system tags.
Thin Clients
Remotely view screens as web pages using the Internet Explorer browser or InduSoft Secure Viewer. Or use Mobile Access to access your project using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Real-time and Historical trends are supported. Log data in binary format or to any database locally and remotely. Color or fill trends with graphic elements to enhance clarity of data. Date/Time based or numeric (X/Y plot) trends give you the flexibility to display information that best suits your project.
Quickly debug and verify a project using local and remote tools for troubleshooting, including status fields, DatabaseSpy and LogWin. Capture screen open and close times, see communications in real-time, and messages related to OPC, recipes/reports, security, database errors and even custom messages. Quickly get your project finished using these powerful tools.

About this software