Install a new hardkey license

Install a new hardkey license for InduSoft Web Studio, EmbeddedView, or CEView.

Before you begin this task, make sure the appropriate software has been installed on your computer or device. For more information, see Installation.

To install a new hardkey license:

  1. On the computer or device where you have installed the software, connect the hardkey to the appropriate port (e.g., USB, LPT1).
    Note: If you are using a parallel port hardkey, we strongly recommend that you turn off the computer and disconnect it from the power supply before you connect or remove the hardkey. This is because when the computer is on, the parallel port carries enough power to damage the hardkey.
  2. Run the software.

If the software recognizes the hardkey, it will run normally without any alert messages.

However, if it does not, try the following:
  • For InduSoft Web Studio, use the Protection Manager utility program to make sure the software is set to check for a hardkey. For more information, see Upgrade an existing hardkey license for InduSoft Web Studio.
  • For EmbeddedView or CEView, if the software does not recognize the hardkey, then it will automatically check for a softkey. If it does not find a softkey either, then use the Remote Agent utility program on the Windows Embedded device to diagnose the problem. For more information, see Upgrade an existing hardkey license for EmbeddedView or CEView.

    Please note that not all Windows Embedded devices can recognize the USB hardkey technology used by InduSoft; our internal testing has shown hat only Windows Embedded devices that fully support USB flash memory (a.k.a. “thumb drives” or “memory sticks”) will recognize our USB hardkey. Check with the manufacturer of your Windows Embedded device.

Install a new hardkey license