Configure CodeMeter Runtime to serve licenses

Configure the CodeMeter Runtime software to manage licenses stored on a Wibu-type USB hardkey and serve them over your network.

Before you begin this task, you must have the following:
  • A computer on your network that will act as the license server;
  • The CodeMeter Runtime software installed on that computer; and
  • A Wibu-type USB hardkey that contains your InduSoft Web Studio licenses.

A validated version of CodeMeter Runtime is automatically installed with the full InduSoft Web Studio software, so in most cases, InduSoft Web Studio should be installed on the computer that will be your license server. For more information, see Install the full InduSoft Web Studio software.

You do not need to license InduSoft Web Studio to run on that computer in order to use CodeMeter Runtime, although you may do so if the computer will also be used as a project development workstation and/or project runtime server. For more information, see Execution modes.

Alternatively, if your license server will be another computer on which you do not want to install InduSoft Web Studio, you must download and install CodeMeter Runtime on that computer. You can download the software from the Wibu Systems website at:

CodeMeter Runtime itself does not require any license to run, because it can only be used to manage Wibu-type USB hardkeys.

Note: InduSoft Web Studio has been validated to work only with CodeMeter Runtime for Windows, and InduSoft does not directly support any version of CodeMeter Runtime. If you need help with the CodeMeter Runtime software, especially with installing CodeMeter Runtime for Mac or Linux, contact Wibu Systems at:

To configure CodeMeter Runtime to serve licenses:

  1. On the computer that will be your license server — that is, the computer where CodeMeter Runtime has been installed — connect the Wibu-type USB hardkey to the computer’s USB port.
  2. On the same computer, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, and then go to: http://localhost:22350/
    Note: Even though you might have turned on Microsoft IIS on this computer, especially if you plan to use it as your IWS project runtime server, it does not need to be turned on for you to go to this localhost address. The CodeMeter Runtime software runs as a separate process on port 22350.

    The home page of CodeMeter WebAdmin is displayed.

    Figure 1. CodeMeter WebAdmin home page
    Web Studio Help illus codemeter homepage Configure CodeMeter Runtime to serve licenses

  3. On the navigation bar, click Configuration, and then on the Configuration tab, click Server. The Configuration > Server page is displayed.
  4. Select Run Network Server, and then click Apply.
    Figure 2. CodeMeter WebAdmin server configuration
    Web Studio Help illus codemeter configserver Configure CodeMeter Runtime to serve licenses

  5. On the navigation bar, click Server, and then on the Server tab, click Cluster. The Server > Cluster page is displayed.
  6. Look at the page and verify that your Wibu-type USB hardkey is properly connected and providing the correct license information.
  7. Close the web browser.
CodeMeter Runtime is now providing the licenses to your network. You should also now be able to access CodeMeter WebAdmin across the network at: http://hostname or IP address:22350/

If you cannot access the license server from another computer, make sure that port 22350 is open on your network firewall.

Configure CodeMeter Runtime to serve licenses