Project Localization

You can quickly translate your project’s user interface to multiple languages, using either machine translation (e.g., Google Translate) or a human translator, and then you can switch your project’s language during runtime with a simple function call.

The Translation Table is a worksheet that you can use to create a multilingual user interface (MUI) for your project. (This is different from changing the language of the development environment itself; that is done with the Language command on the View tab of the ribbon.) The worksheet is divided into a Source column, which contains original pieces of text from your project screens, and a Target column, which contains the translated equivalents of the items in the Source column.

Figure 1. Translation Table worksheet
Web Studio Help worksheet translationtable Project Localization

Note: Google has made the Google Translate API a paid, limited service, so as of InduSoft Web Studio v7.1, automatic translation of project texts is no longer available. You can still use the Google Translate website to translate project texts, but it requires additional steps.

It is our goal to ensure that the functionality of InduSoft Web Studio continues to evolve and grow around emerging technology. We are pursuing alternatives for automatic translation, and we hope to offer this feature again in the near future.

Project Localization