Shared Database Folder

The Shared database folder contains all tags shared between IWS and the selected PC-based Control device. You must create and modify these tags in the PC-based Control software, and then they will be imported automatically into IWS under the following conditions:
  • When you start IWS; or
  • When you right-click on the Shared Tags folder, which refreshes (updates) the database.
Note: Each PC-based Control software package has its own individual interface characteristics and conditions that allow IWS to import its tags. For example, the PC-based Control software application might have to be running for you to import database tags into IWS.

If there are no PC-based Control software products associated with the application, the Datasheet View and Tag List subfolders (located in the Shared Database folder) will be empty.

You cannot edit shared tags in the IWS environment, but you can modify them in the PC-based Control software. You can, however configure shared tags in any IWS task like any other tag. Shared tags are read-only, and viewable on the Tag Property dialog and the Shared Tag datasheet.

Note: Right-click on the Shared Database folder (or click Datasheet View) and select the Refresh option to update your last “version” of the PC-based Control software’s tags database. To change the Shared tags database (create a new tag, delete tags, or change tag properties), you must activate this command update the IWS shared database.
To view the Tag Property dialog:
  • Click on the Tag Properties tool on the Tag Properties toolbar (the tag name must be in the Tag name field); or
  • Double-click on the tag name located in the Tag List subfolder (Project Tags folder)

When the Shared Tag datasheet displays, it contains four columns (Name, Size, Type, and Description). This datasheet is read-only, you can use it to view shared tags only.

Shared Database Folder