System Tags Folder

The System Tags folder contains predefined tags that have specific functions (time, date, acknowledge alarms, storage of the logged user, and so forth). You cannot edit or delete these tags; but you can access their values from any IWS task, copy them, and use them elsewhere.

Note: To update IWS‘s shared database with the system tags files, right-click on the System Tags folder or Datasheet View icon, and then click the Refresh option.

For a list of system tags, including their properties and descriptions, see List of System Tags.

You can view the properties of a system tag using the System Tags datasheet, which contains four columns (Name, Size, Type, and Description).

Important: Most system tags are read-only. To change the time, for example, you must use the proper math function and set the system time rather than writing to the system time tag.

System Tags Folder