Deleting a tag from the project database

Delete a tag that is no longer in use by deleting its line in the Project Tags or Shared Database datasheet.

Before you delete a tag, we strongly recommend that you use the Cross-Reference tool to make sure the tag is not being used anywhere in your project. (If you delete a tag that is still being used, then you will not be able to verify and run your project.) Fix any screens or worksheets where the tag is being used before you proceed.

Note: This task applies to both the Project Tags and Shared Database datasheets.

To delete a tag:

  1. Stop the project if it is running.
  2. Open the datasheet for editing.
  3. In the datasheet, find the line for the tag you want to delete.
  4. Right-click the line, and then select Delete Line from the shortcut menu. If the option is disabled, then you may need to clear any sorting or filtering that you previously applied to the datasheet. An alert dialog is displayed asking you to confirm the action.
  5. Click Yes. The line is deleted from the datasheet.
  6. Save and close the datasheet.

Deleting a tag from the project database