Understanding the Tag Name Syntax

Observe the following guidelines when naming a tag:
  • Your tag names must be unique — you cannot specify the same name for two different tags (or functions). If you type an existing tag name, IWS recognizes that the name exists and will not create the new tag.
  • You must begin each tag name with a letter. Otherwise, you can use letters, numbers, and the underscore character (_) in your tag name.
  • You cannot use the following symbols in a tag name:
      ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - =  +  [ ] { } < > ?  
  • You can use a maximum of 255 characters for a tag name or a class member name.You can use uppercase and lowercase characters. Tag names are not case sensitive. Because IWS does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase characters, you can use both to make tag names more readable. (For example: TankLevel instead of tanklevel.)
  • Tag names must be different from system tag names and math functions.
Note: Use the @ character at the beginning of a tag name to indicate that the tag will be used as an indirect tag in the project.
Some valid tag examples include:
  • Temperature
  • pressure1
  • count
  • x

Naming the Tag