Layout Tool

Click the Layout tool Web Studio Help tech0477 Layout to open the Layout tab.

This interface displays all screens currently open in the Screen Editor and allows you to:
  • Modify the Screen Attributes: Right-click on the screen displayed on the Layout tab and use the alignment options or the Screen Attributes link to modify the screen position. You can also click and drag the screen to change its position (Top and Left) or resize it (Width and Height).
  • Visualize how the screens fit together during runtime. This option is especially useful when creating pop-up/dialog screens or groups of screens.
Note: The screens open in the Layout tab according to the order that they are open in the development environment. When you change the position of the screen tabs in the development environment (to the left or to the right), you will change the order in which these screens will be displayed in the Layout tab.
Tip: Right-click on the title of the Layout tab to display the option to enable/disable the Auto Scale. If you enable this option, the screens will be auto-scaled automatically to fit in the Layout tab.