Screen Group Folder

The Screen Group folder combines individual screens from the Screens folder into more manageable groups.

To open a specific screen group, open the Screen Group folder and right-click on the subfolder.

To remove a specific screen group, right-click on its subfolder and click the prompt screen to delete.

To create a new screen group:
  1. On the Insert tab of the ribbon, in the Graphics group, click Screen Group to open the Insert Screen Group dialog:
    Figure 1. Insert a Screen Group dialog
    Web Studio Help dialog insert screen group Screen Group Folder

  2. Type a name for the new folder into the Name field.
  3. Create a group of screens for this folder by selecting screens from the List of screens list. To select multiple screens press the Ctrl key as you click on the screen names. Release the Ctrl key when you finish.

    This list contains only those screens currently located in Screens folder.

  4. Click OK to close the Insert Screen Group dialog.

Screen Group Folder