About the different types of multi-touch gestures

This section describes the different types of multi-touch gestures and how they can be used in your project.

The gestures themselves — swipe, slide, pinch, stretch, and so on — are a standard part of Windows 7 and Windows 8, so you may be already familiar with using them on a smart phone or tablet. And even if you are not, there are illustrations of gestures included.

What this section describes is which gestures may be used in which areas of your project. For example, the same “pinch” and “stretch” gestures may be used to resize a project screen or resize a screen object with the Resize animation or even navigate through a trend graph.

Please note that for the purposes of this documentation, “multi-touch gesture” almost always means a gesture using two fingers. There are some exceptions, such as using a one-finger swipe to select cells in a Grid object, but those exceptions will be descibed in detail in the appropriate topics.