About Touch Events

Touch Events are predefined VBScript sub-routines that may be added to screen objects and project screens to create custom touch behaviors.

These Touch Events are based directly on the Windows Touch API — specifically, on the _IManipulationEvents interface and the methods ManipulationStarted, ManipulationDelta, and ManipulationCompleted. For more information, see “Touch Input” at the Microsoft Developer Network website: msdn.microsoft.com/library/dd562197.aspx

These methods pass the raw touch input data for up to 10 touch points from the Windows operating system to InduSoft Web Studio, and then IWS passes the data to your project through the Touch Events.

In practice, Touch Events are essentially the same as any other VBScript interface in your project. You select a screen object or project screen, add the appropriate Touch Event depending on when you want the script to be executed (e.g., when the user starts or stops touching), and then develop the script to do whatever you want. The only real differences between Touch Events and the other VBScript interfaces are: Touch Events can only be executed as sub-routines, which means that they do not return values; and they can only receive the selected touch input data as parameters. If you can work within these guidelines, however, you can use Touch Events to develop custom touch behaviors far beyond the standard gestures.

Note: Touch Events are not supported on Windows Embedded Compact.

Touch Events