Object Properties dialog

This dialog shows the configurable properties of a screen object or animation. Each type of screen object and animation has its specific properties, but all types have a few properties in common.

Accessing the dialog

To access the Object Properties dialog for a specific screen object, do one of the following:
  • Select the screen object, and then on the Graphics tab, in the Editing group, click Properties;
  • Select the screen object, and then press Alt+Enter;
  • Right-click the screen object, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu; or
  • Double-click the screen object.

The dialog in detail

All Object Properties dialogs contain the following elements:
Area / Element Name Description
Pushpin Web Studio Help widget bttn pushpin up Properties When the pin button is released, the focus is passed to the object on the screen as soon as that object is selected. When the pin button is pressed, the focus is kept on the Object Properties window even when you click the objects on the screen.
Replace Launches the Replace dialog, where you can replace strings, tags or properties for the selected object or group of objects.

Tooltip displayed during runtime, when the user hovers the mouse cursor over the object. This can be used to provide quick-help to the user.

The text in the Hint field is also temporarily written to the Hint system tag, so that you can trigger actions based on the value of this tag when the mouse cursor is moved over a specific object.

To show hints/tooltips during runtime, the Enable Tooltip option must be selected in the Project Settings dialog. You can enable/disable this feature separately for full project viewers (Viewer on the Project tab of the ribbon) and for thin clients (Thin Client on the Project tab of the viewer).

Web Studio Help tech0520 Properties The combo-box at the right side of the dialog allows you to select the specific object, group of objects, or animation that must be edited.