Symbols library

The Symbols library is a visual browser for all of the symbols that are available to be used in your project screens. To open the library: on the Graphics tab of the ribbon, in the Libraries group, click Symbols.

The Symbols library is displayed:
Figure 1. The symbols library
Web Studio Help worksheet symbolslibrary Symbols library

The library is divided into two main folders: the Project Symbols folder contains your user-made symbols for the current project, and the System Symbols folder contains all of the premade symbols (sorted by type) that are installed with the InduSoft Web Studio software.

To select a symbol and place it in a project screen:
  1. Find the symbol you want in the library, and then double-click it. The mouse cursor will change to indicate that you have a symbol waiting to be placed.
  2. Return to the project screen where you want to place the symbol.
  3. Click anywhere in the project screen to place the selected symbol.
  4. Edit the symbol’s object properties as needed, including any custom properties.

For more information, see Save your own project symbols.

Symbols library