Rectangle object

On the Graphics tab, in the Shapes group, click Rectangle to create rectangles, as follows:
  1. Click in the drawing area and drag the mouse/cursor to draw the rectangle.
  2. Release the mouse button when the rectangle is the size you want.
  3. Double-click on the object to view the Object Properties dialog.
    Figure 1. Object Properties: Rectangle
    Web Studio Help dialog objectproperties rectangle Rectangle object

Use the Object Properties dialog to specify the following parameters for the orthogonal line:
  • Type: Specify a border line style by clicking on None, Solid, Dashed, Etched, Raised or Sunken.
  • Color: Specify a border line color by clicking the Color button to open the Color dialog. Click the color to select it, and then close the dialog.
  • Weight: Specify a border line width by typing a number representing the line width (in pixels) into the text box provided.
    Note: Dashed lines/borders of weight greater than 1 are not supported in projects running on Windows Embedded.
  • Fill: Specify whether to fill the rectangle by clicking No Fill or Fill.

    If you select the Fill option, specify a fill color by clicking on the Color rectangle. When the Color dialog displays, click a color to select it and close the dialog.

  • Color: Specify a fill color by clicking the Color button to open the Color dialog. Click a color to select it, then close the dialog.
  • Caption: Press this button to open the Caption dialog where you can edit the text that can be written inside the rectangle object:
    Figure 2. Caption dialog
    Web Studio Help dialog objectproperties rectangle caption Rectangle object

    • Caption: Enter the text that you want to display inside the rectangle object. You can include a tag by enclosing it in curly brackets (e.g., {tagname}).
    • Fonts: Specify a font style for the caption by clicking the Fonts button.
    • Align: Specify the alignment for the caption of the rectangle.
    • Multiline: Allow the caption of the rectangle to be shown in more than one line, when checked.
    • Auto Format: When checked, if the caption includes a decimal value enclosed by curly brackets (e.g., {1.2345}) or a tag of Real type (see Caption above), then the value will be formatted according to the virtual table created by the SetDecimalPoints function.
    • Wrap Text: When checked, the object automatically wraps the text when necessary.
    • Auto gray out: Turns the caption of the rectangle to gray when the Command animation applied to the rectangle is disabled by the Disable field or due to the Security System.
    • Enable translation: Click (check) to enable translation during runtime using the Translation Tool.

Rectangle object