Importing from CSV Databases

This wizard allows you to import tags from a text file in the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, or any similar format.

Figure 1. Import CSV Database Wizard
Web Studio Help dialog importwizard csv ...CSV Databases

  • File Name: Press the Browse button to select the text file from which the tags will be imported.
  • Data Column box: Select a number for each tag property that corresponds to its column number in the import file. For example, if the Tag, Array Size and Type are listed in the second, third and first columns in the import file, respectively, select 2 in Tag, 3 in Array Size and 1 in Type. The Tag property (tag name) is mandatory, but the other properties are optional.
    For properties that are not included in the text file, select the option Not used. IWS will insert defaults or leave the field blank, according to the following list:
    • Array Size:0
    • Type:Integer
    • Description:<Blank>
    • Web Data:Local
  • Delimiters checkbox: Select the delimiter(s) used in the text file to divide one column from another. For a CSV file, the delimiter is Comma (the default). You can select more than one delimiter at a time, and you can use the Other option to enter a custom delimiter.
Note: See Steps 1, 2 and 3 of Import Wizard for the settings and fields that are common for all Source Types.

…CSV Databases