Importing PanelMate programs

This wizard allows you to import not only the tags, but also the screens, alarm configuration, and communication settings from an operator interface program that was created with PanelMate™ software.

Using this wizard, you can convert a PanelMate program into a IWS project and then run it on any platform supported by InduSoft Web Studio. The wizard can import programs from PanelMate Plus 4.01 (or earlier) and PanelMate Power Pro 2.21 (or earlier), and it supports the following communication drivers:
  • Allen-Bradley Serial (ABKE)
  • Modbus Serial, ASCII and RTU (MODBU)
  • Modbus Plus (MODPL)
  • Allen-Bradley Remote I/O (STRIO)
Note: This import wizard is sold as an add-on for InduSoft Web Studio, and it requires a license to be enabled. For more information, consult your software vendor.

Also, if you are running InduSoft Web Studio on a Windows operating system that has User Account Control (UAC) enabled, then you may have problems using this import wizard. Close the application, and then run it again as an administrator (i.e., right-click the InduSoft Web Studio program icon, and then click Run as administrator on the shortcut menu).

Figure 1. Import Tool for PanelMate
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Import Screens
Check this option to import the graphical screens (including their objects and animations) to InduSoft Web Studio.
PanelMate Model
Click Browse to select the directory where the database files of the PanelMate program that you intend to import are stored.
After specifying the correct file path in the PanelMate Model box, the programs that are available in that directory will be available in this combo-box. Select the program that you want to import, and then click Next.

See Steps 1, 2 and 3 of Import Wizard for the settings and fields that are common to all Source Types.

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