Removing unused tags from the project database

The Remove unused tags tool is used to scan the project database for unused tags, which you can then select and remove.

“Unused tags” are tags that you have defined in the project database but have not used in any screen or task worksheet. Since your project has a limited number of available tags (as determined by your product/license type), you may want to remove some or all of these unused tags to decrease your project’s tag count.

  1. Save and close all open project screens and worksheets.
  2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Tags group, click Remove unused tags. The development application automatically verifies your project, and if it finds any unused tags, then it lists them in the Remove Unused Tags dialog.
    Note: The listed tags may include some that are accessed during runtime using indirect syntax (e.g., GetTagValue(TagName) or @TagName, where the value of TagName is the name of an unused tag).
    Figure 1. Unused tags listed in Remove Unused Tags dialog
    Web Studio Help dialog removeunusedtags Remove unused tags

  3. Determine which tags you want to remove, if any.
    • If you want to remove all of the listed tags, simply click Remove.
    • If you want to keep some of the listed tags, clear the Remove check boxes on the left for those tags, and then click Remove.
    • Click Check all or Uncheck all to select or clear, respectively, all of the Remove check boxes on the left.
    • If you do not want to remove any of the listed tags, click Close.

    The development application removes the selected tags and then asks if you want to verify the project again.

  4. Click Yes to verify the project again.

Remove unused tags