Reset Tags Database

Select Reset Tags Database to “reload” the tags database on the local station. This command affects all tags stored in the Project Tags folder. This option is useful for resetting the project tags and restoring the values they had when the project was loaded for the first time. When you stop the project but leave the development environment open, the tags are not reset by default when the project is run again. Therefore, you can execute this command to reset them before the project runs again.

When this command is executed, the Startup Value configured for each tag (Tags Properties dialog) is written to the respective tag. If you did not configure any Startup Value for a numeric tag (Boolean, Integer or Real), the value 0 (zero) is written to the tag. If you did not configure any Startup Value for a string tag, the empty value (“”) is written to the tag.

This command is disabled (in gray) if there is at least one runtime task running on the local station. You must close all runtime tasks (Stop on the Home tab of the ribbon) before this command can be executed.

Note: The tags stored in the System Tags folder and in the Shared Tags folder (if any) are not affected by this command.
Tip: If you want to reset the project tags automatically whenever you run the project (Run on the Home tab of the ribbon), you can check the option Reset Tags Database when starting project on the Preferences tab of the Project Settings dialog.

Reset tags database