About Mobile Access

You can use Mobile Access (also sometimes called Studio Mobile Access or SMA) to deploy an HTML5-enhanced web interface that presents alarms, trends, process values, and even project screens in a unified, easy-to-use “dashboard”.

The web interface is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, including Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices, but it can be accessed from almost any computer using a modern web browser.

It is important to remember that although Mobile Access is part of the same project runtime and may be hosted on the same server that hosts the screens published for Secure Viewers and Web Thin Clients, it is a distinct interface based on platform-agnostic technology. Secure Viewer and Web Thin Client are based on ActiveX technology, and as such, they can run only on Windows computers. In contrast, the Mobile Access web interface is based on HTML5, so it can run in most web browsers on most computers and devices.

To use Mobile Access, you must have the Mobile Access Runtime software installed on your project runtime server. Either you selected the Mobile Access Runtime feature when you installed the full InduSoft Web Studio software, or you ran the separate, included Mobile Access Runtime installer (MobileAccessSetup.exe) afterward. For more information, see Install the Mobile Access Runtime software.

Also, your software license must include enough SMA Clients to accommodate all of the users that you expect to access the Mobile Access web interface at the same time. Please contact your vendor to review your software license. For more information, see License Settings.

Note: The Mobile Access Runtime software cannot be installed on Windows Embedded, and Mobile Access cannot be configured in projects that are set to run on Windows Embedded target systems.

The rest of this section describes how to configure the Mobile Access web interface during project development, as well as how to log on to and navigate the web interface during project run time. You should already be familiar with how to locate and open worksheets in the Project Explorer, how to edit a worksheet, and how to save and close a worksheet.

Mobile Access