Use the Process Values control

Use the Process Values control to view tag values as graphical widgets and also to update selected tags.

The Process Values control is similar to the Symbols library. It uses various pre-made widgets (i.e., gauges and switches) to graphically represent project tag values. It can also allow the user to change the values during run time, depending on how you configure the widgets.
Figure 1. An example of the Process Values control
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All widgets are continuously updated to show the current values of their associated project tags.

If a widget is highlighted blue, then its associated project tag is writable. That means the user can use the widget to set a new value for the tag.

To use the Process Values control:

  1. To change a value:
    1. Click/tap the widget. The widget must be highlighted blue, to indicate that the tag is writable. A new screen with an enlarged version of the widget is displayed.
    2. Either manipulate the widget (i.e., toggle the switch, move the gauge) to set the new value, or type the new value in the text box below the widget.
    3. Click/tap Write.

    The new value is written to the tags database.

  2. To return to the home screen, click/tap the Return button Web Studio Help button mobileaccess return Use the Process Values control.

Use the Process Values control